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Young Dynamic Empire, About, CEO (Blue Ghost), Artistes, More....

Young Dynamic Empire, About, CEO (Blue Ghost), Artistes, More....

Young Dynamic Empire, About, CEO (Blue Ghost), Artistes, More!!!. Muhammed Hamed, famously known by his stage persona, Blue Ghost, is a captivating figure whose journey from the streets of Edo State, Nigeria, to the spotlight of the entertainment world is nothing short of remarkable. Born and raised in a humble background, Blue Ghost's formative years were shaped by the challenges and struggles of street life, where he found himself under the care of his grandmother.

Despite the adversity he faced, Blue Ghost discovered his passion for entertainment, a medium through which he could not only express himself but also inspire and uplift others. It was this innate desire to make a positive impact on the lives of struggling youth and prevent the wastage of talent that fueled his determination to pursue a career in the industry.

As he sharpened his skills and carved out a niche for himself in the competitive world of entertainment, Blue Ghost remained steadfast in his commitment to his roots and the community that raised him. Through his music, performances, and outreach initiatives, he became a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless young people, offering them an alternative path away from the streets and towards their dreams.

Looking to the future, Blue Ghost envisions himself as more than just an entertainer; he sees himself as the founding father of a young, dynamic empire in Africa—a platform where creativity, talent, and innovation converge to redefine the continent's cultural landscape. With a strong determination and a steadfast belief in the potential of Africa's youth, Blue Ghost is poised to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and beyond, proving that from the streets to the stage, anything is possible with passion, perseverance, and purpose.
Muhammed Hamed, widely recognized as Blue Ghost, has a fascinating journey from the streets of Edo State, Nigeria, to the entertainment limelight. Raised by his grandmother in humble surroundings, he encountered the harsh realities of street life at a young age.

Amidst these challenges, he discovered his love for entertaining others, finding solace and purpose in the art of performance. His desire to uplift struggling youth and prevent the squandering of talent motivated him to pursue a career in entertainment.

As he navigated his way through the competitive industry, he remained deeply connected to his roots. In Nigeria, he gathered a group of talented youngsters from the streets, including comedians, musicians, dancers, and skit creators, providing them with a platform to showcase their abilities and pursue their passions.

In the Netherlands, where he is now based, he has continued to nurture and support these emerging talents through his label, the "Young Dynamic Empire." Under his guidance, the label has become a hub of creativity and innovation, attracting attention both locally and internationally.

Through the Young Dynamic Empire, he has not only transformed the lives of the young artists he mentors but has also made a significant impact on the cultural landscape of Africa and beyond. With his vision, passion, and dedication, Blue Ghost is ready to continue shaping the future of entertainment and inspiring the next generation of talent.


Name: Ikalumhe Jovison

Age: 16

Birthday: 11/03/2008

Location: Edo State

Talents: Musician Occupation: Student

Name: Luke Evans


Birthday: 29/7/2006

Location: Edo State

Talents: Dancer

Occupation: Student

Name: Eruaga Matthew Melody Age: 28.
Birthday: 21/09/1995.
Location: Edo State
Talents: comedian.
Occupation: Estate Surveyor and Valuer.

Manager: Young Dynamic Empire

Name: Michael Daniel Berry Young
Birthday: 10/9/2006
Location:Edo state Ibe road
Talents: Comedian
Occupation: student

Name: Gimah Emmanuel
Birthday: December 10th
Location: Edo state auchi
Talents: Musician
Occupation: Student

Name Ogbedo Theophilus Femi Mulah Rhymz
Birthdate 24 January 1995
Talents Musician, instrumentalist and comedian
Occupation: mass communicator and music teacher
Location: Auchi,Edo state

Name: Oni zuwerat joy (zurry)
Age: 17yrs.
Birthday: 03/06/2007.
Location: Edo state.
Talents: dancing, comedy & music
Occupation: student

Name: Shaibu Radiyat
Age:17 Birthday:3/20/2007
Location:Edo State
Talents: Dancer
Occupation: Students

Real Name/ Ireneus imordi
music name/Omo b t c Lord
Date of birth/06-01-1998
Talents musician,
Location/Auchi, Edo State
Hobby/music for life

Name: Luke Elvis
Birthday: 14/12/2007
Location: Edo State
Talents: Dancer
Occupation: Student

Name: Sunday God’spower GP



Location: Edo state Ibe road

Talents: Dancer and comedian


Name, Oshiokpekhai Desmond a.k.a Rude King
Date of birth March 12 2007

Name :Sunday Daniel
Location: Edo state
Talent: comedian cast
Occupation: student
date of birth :2007

Name: Oseni Adina Musa
Artist:Fredo best
Birthday: August 25
Location: Edo state
Occupation: student

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